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About Us

“Our passion is coding, our expertise is in information technology. From high school students to young professionals, we provide educational services and mentoring to underrepresented ethnic groups in STEM.”
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Founded as the Black Data Processing Associates in 1975 by Earl Pace and David Wimberly, BDPA was created to bring underrepresented minorities together who were working in the information technology and computer science field for the purpose of professional development and academic enrichment.

As of date, BDPA is an international organization with a diverse membership of professionals and students at all levels in the fields of information technology, computer science and related S.T.E.M fields. Members are actively engaged in serving the community through outreach and charting the future of the IT industry.

The organization trains 800 to 1200 high school students across the nation every year in computer programming and web development and has trained more students to write code than any other non-profit organization in the United States since 1986. BDPA has an awesome scholarship program which is generously supported through sponsorships, and offers over $100,000 annually in cash awards to high school and college students.

The Twin Cities Chapter is focused on championing the next generation of IT leadership. As an organization staffed entirely of highly respected professionals in the Information Technology, we offer unique opportunities to connect members and students with cutting edge technologies and education.

The Chapter

BDPA – Twin Cities is a 501(c)(6) organization, founded and chartered in 2008 to support S.T.E.M training for local black professionals and underrepresented students. Our Chapter is one of 55 national chapters, organized to address concerns about the overall lack of minority representation in leadership roles and career mobility within the IT sector.

The Foundation

BDPA – Twin Cities Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded and chartered in 2008 to support the initiatives set forward by the Twin Cities Chapter. Through the generous support of partners, donors and sponsors, and grant awards, the Foundation is able to support and sustain information technology training and professional programs facilitated by the BDPA – Twin Cities Chapter.


We deliver programs and services that reduce the disparity gap in minorities participation in the Tech industry.


Be a powerful advocate for stakeholders’ and student interests within the Minnesota tech ecosystem.

Value Proposition

  • Organizationally aligned for significant membership growth.
  • A premier provider of programs and service for all stakeholders and students.
  • Foster partnerships with sponsors to build their recognition within the community through activities that help close the digital divide, and increase community proficiency using technology.

Meet The Board

Fredrick Blocton

Fredrick Blocton

Aaron Young

Aaron Young

Vice President
Joe Richburg

Joe Richburg

Vice President of Finance
edit_Dorothy Richburg

Dorothy Richburg

Vice President of Strategy and Planning